Tenant Information

Thinking of renting a property with WESP Student Properties?

Our houses are located within a popular area of Lincoln, close to the University and city centre.  They offer a great alternative to living in halls of residence - taking advantage of independent living in small groups with your friends. 

Utility accounts are taken care of for you and charges for water, broadband, TV licence, gas and electricity (weekly allowance applies) are included in your rent. 

The weekly rent for each person per house excludes the initial advance rent payment of £50 at the time of booking. 

An insurance policy for your possessions is also included in your rent.

Viewing and Booking a House

Simply tell us how many people are in your group and we will show you around our houses in the West End of Lincoln. When you’ve found the right house we will reserve it for you for 24 hours during which time you will join us in our office to review the tenancy paperwork and sign the Agreement.  

Addendum Agreement and Letter of Guarantee

A great feature of your tenancy with West End Student Properties Ltd is that when all members of the group have signed the Tenancy Agreement we will issue each tenant with an Addendum Agreement. This confirms that you only have a duty to pay your share of the rent whether or not a housemate is late with their own share. We do, however, insist that each tenant is supported by a Guarantor who lives and works in the UK and who will undertake to pay your share of the rent if you are unable to do so.

Council Tax 

To qualify for council tax student discount/exemption you should be one of the following (www.lincoln.gov.uk):

  • undertaking a full time course with at least 21 hours of study in term time per week attending 24 weeks a year at an educational establishment
  • under the age of 20 and are studying for more than three months, at least 12 hours per week for any qualification up to A level, ONC or OND standard
  • a student nurse on a course on any of parts one to six, or eight of the Nursing Register. You are not eligible for this discount if you are already on the Nursing Register whether studying or not.
  • a student nurse studying on an academic courses at a university or on a Project 2000 course.    

If you have indicated on your Application Form that you will be a full time student our team will notify the council on your behalf to claim the exemption.  Tenants who do not satisfy the council’s conditions for student exemption will be responsible for paying any council tax due via West End Student Properties Ltd. If you leave full time education or undertake a part time course it is important that you notify WESP immediately. Failure to do so may result in fines from the council